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Twigg Puzzles
Karyn O'Driscoll
Thank You

Thanks Kelly & Dave your puzzles are so beautifully crafted & such a joy to put together. I am now addicted......a standard puzzle doesn't cut it any more. Keep up the amazing work & I look forward to the new ones you create. Thank you.

Twigg Puzzles

I love elephants, so was drawn to Ellie. Now l intend to buy more of your beautiful puzzles. I am hooked. Thankyou for your creativity and encouraging mine.


This is my second puzzle & it was challenging but fun. Such beautiful colours & very well made can’t wait to do my next one.

Twigg Puzzles
Carlos Luna
Lo estamos disfrutando en Argentina!

Durante nuestro reciente viaje a Australia, estábamos buscando un regalo para nuestro hijo, que vivió 2 años en Australia, en un programa de Work&Travel. Vimos el puzzle en Eumundi Market, QLD y nos encantó! Sabíamos que nuestro hijo, había quedado encantado con las kookaburras típicas de Australia, así que no dudamos y se lo compramos. Le encantó!
Gran diseño y excelente calidad de materiales. Gran producto!!

Beautiful Orchid puzzle

My 17 yo daughter & I really enjoyed doing this puzzle together. Mum & daughter time is so special to us & we loved how well the pieces are made. It was fun. Thank you 😘🥰

Twigg Puzzles
Kerri Turner
Great Challenge for my 93yr old Mum and also for me

Thank you so much for your wonderful puzzles. I have bought mum - 93yrs old last June - 5 so far and she has just asked me to get her some more. She loves the subjects and the finish of the puzzles. She enjoys the pieces as they are more challenging than the standard puzzle uniform shapes.

Twigg Puzzles
Sam Di Cillo

I was given this Orchids Twigg puzzle as a birthday gift. I have been doing puzzles for over 45 years and can honestly say it is the most beautiful and interesting puzzle I have ever done. I love it and build it again and again. Thank you

Black Cockatoo

My absolute favourite Twigg puzzle. I liked the bigger size and the challenging white border around the beautiful cockatoo. Lisa Morales designs are fabulous. Have all the Twigg puzzles now. Can't wait until they bring out new ones.

Great quality puzzles!

Love these puzzles I ordered online. Great quality and amazing designs. I love all the different shaped pieces - makes it so interesting and fun to put together. Best puzzles I’ve ever done. I would definitely recommend.

Twigg Puzzles
Michelle Head
Black cockatoo is beautiful

Found in a store in Paddington Brisbane. I'm not good at puzzles but had to have it! Partner did 97% for me, he loves quite easy, but this was hard, he enjoyed doing it!!!

Twigg Puzzles
Another happy customer
Excellent puzzles thanks

Came across these on line by accident - absolutely beautiful puzzles. I ordered 3 as gifts to post to our grandchildren in Glasgow. I couldn't resist the beautiful elephant, and of course the kookaburra and koala for overseas - just perfect. I have enjoyed doing them too - will post in a year or so, as the children are a bit young for these at the moment, now I have seen them. Very pleased with the purchase, and delivery, and thank you for your beautiful work. I have posted these on a forum to show what I completed - so more orders might come in. What perfect gifts for puzzle lovers.

Twigg Puzzles
E Sutherland
Three very enjoyable puzzles; great value and definitely worth the purchase!

All three were challenging (especially the butterfly) but not frustratingly so. I have done all three puzzles more than once and I continue to derive much enjoyment, relaxation and pleasure from completing them. Initially I was given the elephant puzzle as a gift and because I enjoyed it so much, I sought out the company online and purchased this set of three. I love the bright colours of the puzzles and the shapes of some of the individual pieces. I also really value that the company is Australian owned and that that puzzles are Australian made. I had never purchased a jigsaw puzzle before and I am now a definite convert (of this type at least). The parcel arrived timely and was lovingly well packaged.

Twigg Puzzles
Wendy Dunk
Twigg Puzzels

Received this for Christmas very well made and unusual I love it.

Absolutely beautiful!!

I visited family in Australia in Sep 22 and came across these beautiful puzzles at Eumundi Market. I brought two of these puzzles to take back to the UK with me. I've completed one and plan to frame it for my home. I wish they delivered internationally because I would definitely buy more!! The unique pieces create a fun challenge and the colours are absolutely beautiful! I would highly recommend!!

Can't stop totally addictive

Absolutely loved the last 2 puzzles ( no housework for 2 days). Just ordered 2 more.

Twigg Puzzles
Catherine Pirotta
New Customer

The first puzzles that I have done since I bought 3 of them off you as the first one I did was the butterfly which was a challenge to try and completed it but my mind was keeping working with those shapes pieces to be matched and I finally finished it in 2 days. The colour is very pretty and beautiful which I love it. Now I have to think which one to do next as I got cat and orchids. It is beautiful wooden jigsaw feeling . Glad that this products is Australian made and can’t wait to order more once I finish those puzzles. I give it 10 out of 10.

Twigg Puzzles
Cheryl Higgins
Wonderful and Australian!

I love the puzzles from Twigg Puzzles. Their unique shapes make it fun and challenging to do. The designs are a delight and it's wonderful to support Australian products which are such great quality. Thank you and keep them coming!

Best Puzzle!

I am a huge puzzle enthusiast and my mum gave me the cat puzzle to do after she had already finished it and loved it. Hands down my favourite puzzle to do, can't wait to get my hands on some others!

Twigg Puzzles
Jacqui Wood
Addicted 😀

I first came upon the Twigg puzzles at the Eumundi Markets near Noosa QLD. I stopped and hesitated, and something drew me in 🤗 I thought I would buy myself a TREAT 😃not even being interested in jigsaw puzzles on any capacity but the Universe was speaking and not only I have become addicted my husband has to and it is such an enjoyable project we do together 😍Not only do we love them as we travel around Australia I’ve recommended the puzzles to so many of my friends 🧩not going into details, I have a lot of mental and anxiety issues and I have found by the grace of God this is the first time I have felt committed and relaxed/stressed (because they are so good 😂) for the first time since I can remember 🤗and supporting an Australian company. I applaud you on giving my life a much needed interest 🙏🏻

Beautiful turtle

I bought this for myself for Christmas and one to send to my sister in NZ. Absolutely loved it.
I am hooked, what to do next I wonder

Twigg Puzzles
Jaye Claes
Awesome Puzzle

I did this puzzle on New Years Eve with my family .
We ABSOLUTELY LOVED this Puzzle !!!
Such great quality , beautiful bright colours and was so fun with the animal and different shaped pieces 💕 Would highly recommend these products
Also the puzzle was so beautifully presented when I received it in the post and postage was quick , this was the week before Christmas so was very impressed with the delivery time .

Twigg Puzzles
Debbie Shaw
Excellent Customer Service

I ordered my Twiggy Puzzles only last week and didn't think I would get them in time for Christmas (my fault I left it so late) But my order was processed the same day and I received them within a week!!
Can't wait to gift them to family and friends and I kept one for myself

Twigg Puzzles
A. Camille
Puzzles of Pure Joy

I am a puzzle lover and Twigg Puzzles are my new favourite. They are high quality in design and construction with beautiful artwork. The uniquely shaped pieces are fun yet challenging. Whole family enjoyed completing it together.

Love my puzzle ! Great service

I purchased the orchids puzzle and myself and two other adults completed it together in about 2.5 hours. Perfect level of challenge (not so hard that you can't find any matches, not so easy that it's boring/unsatisfying) and the shaped pieces kept things interesting.

Had a minor challenge with my ordering process however friendly customer service helped to solve quickly with no fuss.

I will get the humming birds next and display the pair in frames ☺️

Twigg Puzzles
Sarah Brick
Bright and Beautiful

The quality of the Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces are outstanding!
I love how the Jigsaw Puzzle are so Bright and have Beautiful in colouring.
Also the Jigsaw Puzzle comes in small box, that you can take it anywhere, without having a larger bulky box to carry around. Thank you for making a wonderful Product!